Bob Stein

      Name: Bob Stein
     Title: Professor Physics and Astronomy


     Phone: 517-884-5613
       Fax: 517-432-8802

   Address: Physics and Astronomy Department
            Michigan State University
            East Lansing, MI 48824

    Office: 3266 Biomedical-Physical Sciences Building


My main research interests are three-dimensional simulations of convection and magneto-convection in the sun, and one-dimensional radiation-hydrodynamics of waves and non-equilibrium radiation in the solar atmosphere.

Magneto-Convection and Convection Simulation Results are here


I enjoy a wide variety of dancing : contras and squares, english, scandinavian and balkan. I also call contra and traditional square dances.

In the Lansing area we have contra and square dances on the first and third Saturdays of each Month from September through June usually at the Central United Methodist Church, 215 N. Capitol Ave. Lansing.

For information on dances see the dance calendar or call: The Ten Pound Fiddle Hot Line 517-337-7744 and the Michigan Dance Hotline 734-332-9024.

Pictures from CDSS dance camps
  Campers Week, Pinewoods 2002
  Campers Week, Pinewoods 2007
  Family Week, Pinewoods 2007
  American Week, Pinewoods 2007
  Campers Week, Pinewoods 2011
  Campers Week, Pinewoods 2012

Pictures from the Great Lakes Folk Festival



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